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Digital Information System for Polish maritime areas CSI-POM
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"Digital Information System for Polish Marine Areas CSI-POM" within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Science's program called "Science for Society."
The primary objective of the project will be to determine the structures, dynamics and spatio-temporal variability of physical processes occurring in the marine environment of the southern Baltic Sea using tools based on numerical modeling developed under the project.
The subject of our activities within the proposed project will be the development and construction of a Digital System of Information on the Environment of the Polish marine areas of the Baltic Sea (CSI-POM) in order to visualize model results and make them available in the form of maps in real time and with 48+ hour forecasts for a wide range of users.
This project is a response to the problems occurring in maritime management, which are related to the need for a reliable and accurate tool for observing changes in the marine environment. These include activities concerning:

CSI-POM project activities:

  1. Development and construction of a 3D physical model of CEMBS-PolSea of the southern Baltic Sea.
  2. Development of satellite data assimilation module for the 3D CEMBS-PolSea model.
  3. Development of new tools for determining the structure, dynamics and variability of physical processes in the southern Baltic Sea.
  4. Verification of the functionality and integration of the 3D physical model of CEMBS-PolSea with the newly developed modules/tools and final verification of the model.
  5. Development and construction of the web-based operational Digital Information System on the environment of Polish marine areas CSI-POM.
  6. Preparation for use of the Digital Environmental Information System of Polish marine areas CSI-POM.
  7. Public demand for the CSI-POM system.

The economic effect of the project will be felt immediately after the implementation of the service and as a result of its use by entrepreneurs, while a significant effect at the level of environmental impact will be observed in 5-10 years after the completion of the project.

It is estimated that the CSI-POM system will be useful not only for scientists but also for entities related to the maritime economy: transportation and logistics, offshore, fisheries, as well as education and local governments.



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The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under "Science for Society"