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Digital Information System for Polish maritime areas CSI-POM
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The project focuses on determining the current and future environmental status of surface water and groundwater in the Puck District and its impact on the Bay of Puck environment. The service includes a surface water model based on SWAT, a groundwater flow model based on MODFLOW, a 3D environmental model of the Bay of Puck based on the POP code, and integrated agriculture calculators called "CalcGosPuck" and "CalcNPuck.

The major goal of WaterPUCK is to foster the improvement of the natural environment and the development of the regional and national economy. The identification of the main mechanisms responsible for the transport of pollutants in surface and groundwater will allow the application of practical commercial solutions due to the innovative approach and methodology of industrial and development research.

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The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under "Science for Society"