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Digital Information System for Polish maritime areas CSI-POM
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The 3D CEMBS numerical ecosystem model of the Baltic Sea allows for tracking changes in physical and biogeochemical parameters of the marine environment over time and space. An essential aspect of this project is to develop numerical methods for predicting the emergence of threats to our coastal area, such as blooms of algae, changes in sea surface height, the extent of ice cover, and others, which will be a modern tool that can assist in environmental management. The diagnosis of processes in this project is not only important from a scientific perspective, but also enables a deeper understanding of the functioning of the Baltic ecosystem.

It is also of great importance for those who plan to spend leisure time near our coast. The operational model provides real-time and 48-hour advance information flow about the state of the marine environment. The outcomes of this proposed project can be a powerful tool for policymakers and local authorities, especially in emergency situations.


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The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under "Science for Society"